Features of the 1xBet Cricket App for Users

While top European tournaments, NBA, or NHL matches attract fans from around the globe, the same cannot be said for cricket. This sport is particularly beloved in India, leading to significant interest among betting enthusiasts. Major bookmakers consistently offer markets for cricket events. To check the latest odds, simply install the 1xBet cricket app on your phone or tablet. If you already have a registered account on your PC, just log in to access all features seamlessly.

If you’re creating an account specifically for cricket betting, the application is suitable for this purpose as well. Simply open the app, enter your personal information into the required fields, and link your email and phone number. It’s crucial to set up password recovery via email at this stage. Once you’ve completed these initial steps, you can proceed with data verification. This step is necessary to enable playing for real money, as the administration is required to verify your age and the accuracy of your information.

Plan ahead by having your own bank card ready and link it to your profile. This linkage occurs automatically the first time you top up. By entering your card details once, they will be permanently saved in the application, eliminating the need for constant re-entry. The app itself is securely protected and never shares data with third parties.


Therefore, you can fully enjoy betting on cricket and easily withdraw your earnings to either a card or an e-wallet.

Variety of 1xBet cricket section on the official app

You can easily locate the app in the official Apple App Store or download it directly using a link provided by the bookmaker company. The program is entirely free to use. If you are already familiar with the website, finding the 1xBet cricket section in the official app is straightforward – simply navigate to the sport’s name in the pre-match section. You can also mark cricket as a favorite sport in advance, or even select specific leagues if you regularly place bets there.

Cricket shares similarities with other sports in terms of betting options such as predicting the winner or statistical performance of teams and players. You can create a lengthy accumulator bet across multiple events or attempt to outwit the bookmaker in live betting. Analyzing cricket can be challenging due to its status as a niche sport with a fan base concentrated in a few countries.

You can make money on cricket matches by making the following bets:

  1. The winner of one match or the tournament as a whole. Long-term forecasts are rated well by the bookmaker.
  2. The winner with a handicap. If you want to play it safe, choose zero or whole odds. Their mechanics mean the opportunity to get a refund.
  1. Betting on the first innings is as attractive as betting on the winner of the first half or set. This event occurs faster than the end of the match, so you can get your winnings much faster.

Before each match, carefully analyze the market as you can discover unique and interesting betting options specific to cricket. For instance, there’s the toss-up bet where you either guess correctly or not, requiring no special analytics or expertise. However, if you’re interested in betting on individual player statistics, it’s advisable to gather information just before the match. Predicting these outcomes can be quite challenging, especially for beginners.

Treat cricket betting with caution if you are trying to catch favorable odds in Live. If the bookmaker gives a very high quote, there is probably a reason – watch the match carefully and notice the subtle moments. Even the condition of the lawn can affect the company’s decision.